The Captain’s Sailing Links – Friday 27th January 2017

Mike Peyton, greatest ever yachting cartoonist, has died aged 96

Mike Peyton, yachting’s greatest ever cartoonist, died late on Wednesday 25 January, aged 96.  He had been suffering ill health in the final weeks of his life but was still active until very recently, having been sailing last year with friend Roy Hart at the age of 95.  Peyton was born into a mining family in County Durham, the son of a disabled First World War veteran. He lied about his age to join the army himself and aged 19 was seconded by the intelligence corps to draw maps of the North African desert during the Second World War.  He was captured and despite escaping twice, spent most of the war in a prisoner of war camp, before being freed by the Soviets and fighting alongside Russian troops as they invaded Nazi Germany from the East.

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Maxi Trimaran IDEC SPORT claims Jules Verne Trophy

The Maxi Trimaran IDEC SPORT sailed by Francis Joyon, Clément Surtel, Alex Pella, Bernard Stamm, Gwénolé Gahinet and Sébastien Audigane claimed the Jules Verne Trophy for the outright round the world sailing record.  IDEC SPORT crossed the finish at 07:49hrs UTC on Thursday 26 January 2017.  Francis Joyon and his crew sailed the 22,461 theoretical miles in 40 days, 23 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds, at an average speed of 22.84 knots.  Out on the water, they actually sailed 26,412 miles at an average speed of 26.85 knots.

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While they may be far outweighed in number by their motor yacht-owning peers, most sailing yacht owners wouldn’t swap their J Classes and regatta-ready yachts for anything. Here five owners tell us why they just can’t get enough of life under sail. The sea inspires Pete Townshend’s musical creativity. For most superyacht owners their life at the sea is the result, rather than the cause, of their successful careers. Not so for The Who’s Pete Townshend – celebrity superyacht owner of 38.4 metre Jongert sailing yacht Gloria – who says that he has found musical inspiration on the ocean for as long as he can remember.

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Video – Special Report: A Plastic Tide | #OceanRescue

More than eight million tonnes of plastic is thrown away each year and washed out to sea. It takes centuries to break down. It’s eaten by marine creatures. And it’s in our food chain. Your seafood supper may have a synthetic garnish. Scientists just don’t know what effects it has on our health.  Sky Ocean Rescue is doing something about it.

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Cruising World – Keeping Your Batteries Alive

As we approach the holiday season many of you have had your boat packed up for the winter for as long as several months. Still others have probably just gotten around to packing it in for the winter ahead. The bottom line here is that a part of this drill should include a game plan for your boat’s batteries. Years ago, we used to remove batteries from the boat and store them in a “battery room” at the marina. In this magical room the boat yard personnel would take our batteries and connect them to a bunch of rather unsophisticated battery chargers for the winter. Here, the batteries would sit and percolate all winter, literally boiling themselves to death.

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