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Team AkzoNobel are the Brand new team to the Volvo Family.  Led by Simon Tienpont and backed by the one of the worlds leading Paints and Coatings company AkzoNobel.

The team were first through the gates when it came to getting an entry to the 2017-18 Race.  This continues the great Dutch presence that the race has had through the years.

Tienpont is a very experienced sailor being a double America’s cup winner and also he’s no stranger to The Volvo having raced on the Dutch ABN AMRO TWO back in the 2005-06 race where he was the boat rookie.

Tienpont is back! This time with his own campaign and has the hunger to become the very first Dutch skipper to with the race since the Legend that is Conny van Rietschoten – Winner in 1977-78 and 81-82. Tienpont is determined to bring the trophy back to The Netherlands.

With the race finishing in The Hague in 2018, Should he win the Dutch fans are going to be in the perfect place to see their Heroes bring the Trophy home literally.

The Team So Far –

The teams are still coming together as and when we get any news of anyone new we will update this page.

Skipper – Simeon Tienpont

Watch Captain and Boat Performance – Brad Jackson

Helmsman, Sail Trimmer, Crew Medic and Nutritionist – Annemieke Bes

Bowman, Trimmer – Brad Farrand

Helmsman and sail trimmer, Boat Performance – Roberto ‘Chuny’ Bermudes de Castro

Helmsman and Sail Trimmer, Sail Maker – Luke Molloy

Helmsman and Sail Trimmer, Boat Captain – Nicolai Sehested

Navigator, Boat Performance – Jules Salter

Shore Crew Member, Reserve Sailor – Bryce Ruthenberg

Shore Crew Member, Reserve Sailor – Eduard van Lierde

Watch Captain and Boat Performance – Joca Signorini

 – Martine Grael

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